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Barry Stout

Phone: (978) 810-5295 (cell)





With over 10 years of embedded software design experience, I excel in design, simulation, and testing of motion control systems.  My experience includes software development for real time applications at both Lexmark and iRobot along with electromechanical integration, instrumentation, and sensor development.  I would like to obtain a position that takes advantage of my passion for control systems, creativity, and cross disciplinary skills in product development.



 iRobot (military and home robots)-  Bedford, Massachusetts

System Engineering and Architecture Manager (12 / 2007   present)    

·        Recipient of Manager Appreciation Award for bringing up a new core competency.

·        Manage a team of SE’s to create the product specifications in DOORS for the product lines along with risk matrices, priority tasking, test report templates, and safety escalation processes.


Senior System Engineer for Consumer Robots (11 / 2007   4 / 2008)     

·        Led Six Sigma cost cutting project for eliminating encoder feedback using the motor’s current / back EMF for feedback in wheel modules with the goal to save the company almost $1 M.

·        Remotely led India office for mobility testing and oversaw QA verification tests.


Senior Software for AD / Motion Control  (7 / 2007 – 11 / 2007 & 7 / 2008 – 12 / 2008)          

·        Led embedded software effort and created usability, factory test, and software functional specifications by facilitating cross disciplinary meetings with marketing, engineering, ID, and QA.

·        Created ROI and working prototype for next generation robot that co-won internal Innovation Contest.

·        Developed code in Lisp to facilitate gyro navigation and improve general robot motion control.

·        Initial work on frequency demodulation and filtering for noisy signals to download robot state information over the phone.  This included signal characterization and filter modeling in Matlab.


 Lexmark International (Fortune 500) formerly IBM Lexington, Kentucky

System Engineer for Consumer Photo Printing Products  (1 / 2006 – 7 / 2007)

·        Inventor on 15 patents, and 10 pending.

·        Received manager appreciation award for leading print quality, improving it 50% in 3 months.

·        Graduated from Six Sigma green belt training (3 full weeks).

·        Responsible for all technical aspects of a consumer printer development (250,000 units / yr).

·        Worked closely with Asian partners, marketing, ME, EE, firmware, and software team leads.


New Technology Initiatives, Systems Engineering  (7 / 2004 – 1 / 2006)

·        Led team to startup new technology initiatives including media player and hand held printer.  This included partner relations, idea development, manufacturing, and cost analysis for high risk products.

·        Designed test fixtures and verified algorithms for “optical” mouse encoders in hand held printers.


System Team Leader, Sr. Software Engineer in Motion Control  (8 / 2001 – 7 / 2004)

·        Designed motion control systems for timing paper pick, paper feed, and ink carrier for optimal printing throughput that adapted to different conditions increasing PPM performance 100%.

·        Developed firmware in C for control systems on ARM 7 platforms and debugged using Multi ICE.

·        Specified ASIC requirements for new sensor implementations which reduced processor bandwidth by 10%.

·        Created hardware and software for instrumentation using Simulink, dSpace, TI DSP’s, and Labview.


Senior Software Engineer in Motion Control  (6 / 98 – 7 / 2001)

·        Co-inventor of 2 million counts per rev production encoder with auto-calibration for under $1.

·        Designed new radically different controller algorithm for paper-feed systems in printers using multiple DC motors.  Paper index accuracy went from 15 µm to <1 µm while acoustic levels halved and speed increased.

·        Successfully designed algorithms for stepper motor control including modeling and phase control in Simulink.


 Beckman Institute, University of IllinoisUrbana, Illinois

Research Assistant in Robotics / Computer Vision  (4 / 97 – 6 / 98)

·        Created a model for a pneumatic actuator and tuned it using genetic algorithms with <5% error.

·        Designed and constructed an omni camcorder for computer vision that could take complete panoramic photos with every object in focus.

·        Developed a walking robot (hexapod) for space exploration with 36 pneumatic actuators.


 Freightliner Corp. – Portland, Oregon

Mechanical Design Engineer on Chassis Team  (5 / 96 – 8 / 96)

·        Re-designed four steering shafts for collapsibility with cost comparisons from suppliers.

·        Developed computer code for calculating vehicle dynamics of large trucks.

·        Produced drawings using CATIA for system integration of components.


 USACH TechnologiesElgin, Illinois

Design / Applied Engineer   (5 / 95 – 8 / 95)

·        Designed, tested, and customized internal CNC grinding machine components.

·        Produced wiring and system integration diagrams.



University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign                    GPA = 3.5 / 4.0

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics), May 1997


University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign                    GPA = 3.5 / 4.0

M.S. in Electrical Engineering (Controls), August 2001


Computer Skills

Languages:       C, C++, Lisp, FORTRAN, COBOL, HTML           

Software Dev:   CVS, Subversion (SVN), CodeWarrior, Renesas IDE, Visual Studio, Emacs

OS:                  Windows, Mac, Linux

Engineering:     dSpace, Matlab, Labview, ANSYS, pSpice, Mentor Graphics, p-cad

CAD:                IDEAS, ProEngineer, AutoCAD, CATIA

Other:               Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Honors / Activities

In college: Mechanic in Automotive Shop, vehicle dynamic research, Dean’s List / James Scholar Honor Student, Technograph cover designer, ASME (VP), Greasy Illini (Co-founder), Sunrayce Team, SAE, Pi Tau Sigma (Engineering Council Rep), Deans Advisory Committee, UIUC first film festival


1    7,391,525   Methods and systems to calibrate media indexing errors in a printing device 

2    7,325,801   Method and apparatus for detecting an absence of print media 

3    7,193,380   Method for rotating a printer paper-feed roller 

4    7,178,914   Media pre-feed in intermittent printer 

5    7,121,546   Speed mode for printer media transport 

6    6,830,399   Methods and systems for compensation of media indexing errors in a printer 

7    6,796,556   Multi-function media eject system in an ink jet printer 

8    6,729,613   Method for operating sheet pick and feed systems for printing 

9    6,695,426   Ink jet printer improved dot placement technique 

10   6,650,077   Method for controlling printer paper feed 

11   6,640,157   Method for operating a media feed motor of a printer 

12   6,637,742   Multi-function media eject system in an ink jet printer 

13   6,624,407   Encoder with mask spacer contacting the encoder film 

14   6,600,151   Optical encoder assembly with non-engageable encoder housing & receiver plate

15   6,523,924   Printer method for reducing effect of paper feed errors 



Career Training




·   Seven Habits

·   Coaching

·   Dialogic

·   Personal Vitality

·   Systems Thinking

·   Persuasive Presentation

·   Diversity

·   Time Management

·   Stress Management

·   Managing Priorities

·   Interviewing Skills

·   Voice of the Customer






·   Gear Design


·   Noise & Vibration

·   Shaft Manufacturing

·   Design - Product Safety

·   Spring Design

·   Sheet Metal

·   Plastics and Metal

·   Design for Manuf.



Quality Improvement


·   Six Sigma- Green Belt

·   SPC

·   Robust Design - Taguchi Method

·   Reliability Concepts





·   Labview: Adv. DAQ

·   Labview Img. Processing

·   Labview RT Control

·   Labview- Adv: Mem. Management / COM

·   Labview Reconfig IO

·   Labview Intermediate I

·   Labview FPGA

·   Labview Adv. Issues

·   Labview Vision Tools



Software (Learning Tree)


·   C++ OOP

·   Windows Programming w/ Visual C++ & MFC

·   Advanced C

·   Linux

·   Advanced C++ & Design

·   OO Analysis & Design Using UML

·   AJAX



Software (other)


·   TI Analog

·   Ink Jet Firmware

·   TI DSP / ARM

·   Lisp





·   Advanced Controllers

·   Fuzzy Logic Controls

·   Neural Nets

·   Advanced PID

·   Genetic Algorithms

·   Practical Controls





·   Color Science 101

·   Color Science 110

·   EP & Inkjet Printing

·   CPD Marketing

·   Media Handling

·   Advanced MS Word

·   Media Handling

·   Business Writing

·   Image Microstructure

·   Leadership session

·   Image Quality: Systems View

·   Diversity

·   Refractive Learning

·   Career Development

·   Half-toning





·   Circuit Cellar (5 page feature article)

·   Thesis (250 pgs, Robotics & Genetic Algorithms)